How to use the knife and fork

Source:Supemalparty Publication time:2019-09-10

The basic principle of holding a knife and fork is to hold the knife or spoon in the right hand, hold the fork in the left hand, gently grip the tail with your hand, and press the index finger on the handle. Pay special attention here. You can also take the fork with your right hand and a knife or spoon with your left hand. In addition, when eating with a knife and fork, you should use a fork to fix the left side of the food, then use a knife to cut the food into a small size, and then use a fork to pour the seasoning into the mouth.

The number of tableware knives and forks should be equal to the number of dishes, and should be arranged from the outside to the inside in the order of serving. The order is from the outside to the middle in the order of eating, followed by eating appetizers, eating fish, and eating meat. of. All forks and spoons will be placed face up and all blade sections will be placed inwards. After the meal is used in order, it is placed in parallel on the plate.

When using the knife and fork, please note that the knife edge is always inward. If you need to temporarily put down the knife and fork when eating half, you should put the knife and fork on the plate in the shape of a figure, indicating that you should continue to eat. If you are eating a dish, you should place the tableware neatly in the center of the tableware until 4 o'clock, indicating that you can take the plate away. The forks and spoons placed horizontally on the front of the table are tableware for dessert. Do not use them arbitrarily. They must be in the order of serving. When eating, it is generally the right and left hands to cooperate with each other.

In general western restaurants and cafeterias, the number of cutlery and forks placed on the table is generally no more than three. The Western Restaurant will give you three sets of cutlery and forks. The cutlery and fork have different specifications. The size of the cutlery varies according to the purpose. When eating meat, use a large knife regardless of whether you want to use a knife. When eating salads, sweets or some hors d'oeuvres, generally use smaller forks and spoons. When you drink soup, use a large spoon. The knife on the left is a butter knife. It is specially used for breading. You can't use it. Come to cut the meat. However, in a professional high-end western restaurant or boudoir, for a three-course or more package, you need to place a new knife and fork after serving the fork and knife. Because of the special attention, the knives and forks used in the mortuary are dedicated, and the pursuit is to cut the cockroaches and cut them apart.