Disposable plastic tableware has been widely used

Source:Supemalparty Publication time:2019-09-10

Disposable tableware has become the preferred tableware for consumers because of its delicate texture and ease of use. Looking at the current disposable tableware market, it is not difficult to find that the internationally popular disposable tableware is divided into two categories. One class is beautiful and requires beautiful appearance; the other is a natural way of walking, paying attention to the humanization of design and speaking capacity. In contrast to the domestic market, domestic disposable tableware has many imitation products, poor environmental performance, and can not be recycled and reused. Therefore, it is imperative to make a domestic disposable tableware innovation.

We know that the use of disposable tableware is generally related to dishes. Every restaurant and hotel owner is generally concerned about the innovation of dishes. In the industry, there is a saying in the industry, "Either change dishes or change people." Disposable tableware innovation and food innovation should also be closely combined. For example, what kind of dishes are suitable for size and thickness, this color is now a unified white tone, too monotonous, whether you can consider the innovation of tableware to add to the delicious food. There are a lot of rims right now.

Disposable plastic tableware has been gradually used in a wide range of applications. The tableware was previously used as a disposable tableware commonly used in developed countries and civil aviation in Europe and the United States. The tableware is made of new imported food grade PS raw materials and is processed by precision injection molding equipment. 260 ° C high temperature injection molding, UV sterilization and disinfection on the automatic assembly line aseptic packaging.

Disposable plastic tableware has one-time use, no need to clean, aseptic packaging, exquisite shape, green and environmental protection, can resist 100 °C hot water, acid, alkali, sterile, antibacterial, no deformation and no leakage. The tableware has a series of advantages such as high temperature resistance, heat insulation, beautiful appearance, hygiene, and no hot hand. Now it refers to a new type of clean and traditional traditional disinfection tableware substitute product on the ordinary table.

Expansion of disposable tableware dining places: White-collar workers in office buildings have always been the main force in the demand for take-out, but the demand scene of users' sales has changed. The trend of mass selection in the middle-sale homes on weekends is obvious. Therefore, in addition to the office, the home (residential building) is also becoming a new take-away consumer scene. Each product must have its own market demand, and there is demand for supply. Both supply and demand should maintain a relative balance. When companies are making innovations in disposable tableware, they should be more creative in the position of the buyer. I have any sense of what is selling out of obsolescence, more should be considered by customers, cater to customer needs, and guide customers to consume. .